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Our world-class appraisal services are intended for the purpose of insurance, estate, donation and probate. We have developed techniques for providing expert and impartial analysis of a jewelry item’s and precious stones; that includes, total carat weight, color, clarity, and details of mounting. Clear documentation and photographs are issued for every item. These photos are extremely useful for consumers; showing details of craftsmanship, that may not be visible otherwise. Most of our appraisal fees starts from $65 and up; however, it highly depends on the complexity of the stone or the jewellery piece.

Our reports are mainly divided in five sections:

  • Description of the article: It includes details on metals used and approximate weight of stones and metals.
  • Details of the main stone:
    1. Species
    2. Shape and Cut
    3. Measurements
    4. Estimated Weight
    5. Color and Other Characteristics
  • Details of the side stone:
    1. Shape and Cut
    2. Measurements
    3. Estimated Weight
    4. Color and Other Characteristics
  • Photographs: Reflecting key features of the article
  • Estimated Value: Based on the fair market value and as per the market standards, we determine the estimated value of the article being appraised.